Visual Studio Using Tips

  • Open Containing Folder of documents

Right click Document, Open Containing Folder

  • Ctrl + F12 will go to Imprementation instead of Interface
  • Ctrl +T allow search by Keyword, Carmel casing, Types(classes)....
  • Ctrl + . to move class to a new file

  • Ctrl + . can Remove all unnecessary using in solution, and simple refactoring

  • Ctrl + E+D can do code formating
  • View > Other windows > C# interactive can do test on c# codes as if it is a scripting language.
  • Alt + up,down arrow can move one line of code up and down.
  • Ctrl+ Shift +space can show the expanation of the parameter
  • Ctrl + J can show all method of the class by intellience
  • Shift + alt + down arrow can editor multiple lines.