Some Study Notes in VPC

Key Terms

  • Subnet - A Subnet inside VPC, like a small region of ips.
  • route table - route the subnet traffic out to internet, define route from subnet to the internet. If there is no route for subnet to internet, it is known as private subnet.
  • internet gateway - one per vpc, Gateway to internet
  • NAT Getways - for internal to access internet.
  • Endpoints - for internal subnet to access other resource(s3, etc..) using internal network.
  • network ACL - block and allow IPs
  • Security Groups - allow IPs

Config Sequence

Create VPC --> Subnets (Public and Private) --> Internet Gateway --> Route Table --> Associate EC2 to it

Private Subnet are subnets without a route to the public. It can still access the internet by NAT Gateways.

Last Updated: 1/14/2019, 12:15:15 AM